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Cleaning screening process

This process works best if the cleaning with water is done two weeks ahead of time before our appointment to recoat the wooden floor surface even if the gym is used a little.

screen and recoating gymnasium hardwood floors stages stairs studios drama rooms

Screening with an American sander sixteen this is a 92 lbs polisher with a shower feed drive lock assembly not exactly what a stock machine is equipped with. This assembly allows the cutting surface to really get in there to scratch up those cracks and crevasses as the old floor has moved a little for sure from expanding and contracting

Our cleaning system is to use our DCS to vacuum the area followed by commercial micro fiber tack rags cleaned out with high pressure high volume compressed air/extremely effective !

recoating and maintenance

Recoating  can be carried out after the preparation cleaning screening with a coating compatible to one of the types of finishes solvent, polyurethane or two component water borne.

Magee a johnson diversy poyuretnae solvent vased very similar to Magnum

this is considered a maintenance and in the case of a polyurethane you might notice the finish will be come more slippery after a number of washings. In the case of a water borne you may notice the level of shine disappears quickly and the floor surface again gets slippery from washing with chlorinated water and for a Moisture cured urethane coating this just takes a lot longer

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