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Professional quality dustless dust free hardwood floor sanders since 1979.

Hardwood Floor sanding resurfacing by a dedicated talented exceptional master craftsman with 35 years of documented Red seal local Vancouver, B.C. experience specializing in the fine art of sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring and stairs on site to varying locations throughout the Vancouver lower mainland.

Its is my wish to try and explain to you,  why it is that you should thoroughly investigate all aspects of your hardwood floor finish the coating on your floors. see below descriptions and comparisons.

New up to date modern Work Safe BC certified approved dust containment vacuum systems and super quality Clarke American abrasive resurfacing hardwood floor sanding machinery , dust free hardwood floor refinishing sanders and burnishes, AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd. Vancouver, BC.

Two types of wood floor sanding?- refinishing resurfacing restoration or screen recoating?

1Where you are refreshing the current floors finish coating over with the hope their will be no inter bond or contamination issues chemical or finishing reactions due to the introduction of floor wax floor cleaners soaps oils solvents cracks filled with debris extra cetera.

2Sanding the hardwood floor back to bare wood and once the wooden floors are finely sanded(burnished), start the finishing process from scratch allow for fine tuning the filling and stain or natural finish color choice then Coating the floor with a choice quality water borne or solvent based floor finish

3Sanding less hardwood floor refinishing and Dust less and Dust Free hardwood floor refinishing is not the same thing. Dustless wood floor refinishing is recognized as a wood sanding restoration operation or application free of dust or without the dust resurfacing. Resurfacing is the blanket term for all wares produced by hardwood floor companies where the act of renewing the floor in any fashion falls under the term resurfacing : Refinishing and repair and restoration and floor sanding and re installing hardwood all fall under this term. Without sanding or Sand less floor refinishing is a SCAM and not a restoration at all, What you'll find out is the process is still without dust, "Dust Free". The process involves only a really good cleaning sometimes with elaborate chemicals, While trying to locate the best contractor for the job researching hardwood floor refinishing on the search engines, finding a mixed bag of professionals who do not specialize in the real deal like years ago a tradesman was a carpenter or one who was in tune with the latest happening. Will find this different terms and phrase definitions confusing and quite frankly had their time wasted. In the main stream of Hardwood Professionals around Vancouver, To be considered a legitimate hardwood floor refinisher, wooden floors should be sanded down to bare wood removing all the old Varnish coating, water stains and gouges, filling all the nails and cracks possible, leaving the old wood flooring to appear as new again. Once a dark stain color or natural floor finish is applied, the result is a restored or more commonly called.... Re sanded Hardwood Floor. Re sanded meaning re finished or resurfaced ehh?

Recoating your hardwood floors every few years is highly recommended. If you do this before the finish has a chance to wear through, it will prolong the life of your floor and reduce the need for re-sanding. Read More

Apprentices running the hardwood floor sanding equipment videos

Dust less wood Floor Sanding VAncouver Floor Refinishing high Quality dust control containment

Featured Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding Vancouver/Burnaby 60's home

Floor sanding solutions

AHF hardwood floor ltd. featuring complete line of Clarke American floor sanders allow for high quality wood transformations any situation that may arise while on locations throughout the greater Vancouver area. I have the correct equipment and enough experience to perfectly sand a hardwood floor on the 60th floor of the Shangri-La and keep a presentable clean dust free or dustless work area. A versatile and complete flooring contactor service we are also creating masterpieces such as sanding a gymnasium hardwood flooring another satellite cities to Vancouver. You will not find a more passionate floor sander who enjoys his work more than right here with Ken Moersch. You will not find a hardwood floor layer with more expensive or better floor sanding tools or dust containment either to think otherwise it is a myth! ..do your research!!See Clarke Floor sanders sanding on YouTube

AHF All hardwood floor Ltd. recommends...

Swedish finish Glitsa Gold Seal Varnish finish) has a small amount of amber tone to it but never oxidizes like a Glitsa gold seal lite scent swdish finishpolyurethane finish. After working with this product for over thirty years. My confidence is with this Glitsa gold seal because it looks good as it wears! More amazing is the built in self healing skin that seems to hide or conceal the scratching and scuffing that comes with yearly wear and tear over the wooden floors life time. Another key benefit of conversion varnish finish is the future ability to restore the wood floors surface to it's original beauty using the other refinishing method or screen an recoating process instead of a full re sanding Read More

What to do about sanding those old wooden Fir stairs?

A great hardwood flloor refinishing in a sixties home would be a rip out and replace red or white oak pre made stair treadsCustomize your entry stair set while your doing your floor refinishing. I can make all types of stair modifications. You only need to ask and we can explore what might be possible, after all Stairs are my forte and custom hardwood flooring can be applied and decorated

I only refinish or sand the treads part of the stairs case! The risers skirting and various other wood moldings really does fall into the floor repair or installation and laying categories, as carpenters tools are required for replacement or cover over--not the specialty hardwood floor sanding machines and dustless equipment. The raw wooden stairs components can be easily sanded and finished before installation or replacement. Of the staircase components. I never sand spindles, railings or stringers. This requires a different wood refinishing specialist. Most risers – the back, vertical face of the stairs – are covered with a very thin veneer over plywood. Because this veneer is extremely thin, it can’t be sanded. You have a couple of options: One idea is to paint the Riser Skirting and Spindles in the same color, This is a very popular look among designers and can be found in all of the latest home trend magazines. It’s a very classy look that has the benefit of visually opening and lightening up the staircase providing contrast, an airy, spacious feeling.

You also have the option of re-veneering them but painting the risers is a far cheaper choice. It’s also much easier to maintain the risers down the road as all you will need to do is give them a fresh coat of paint every few years if needed Read More


As we talked about above, we’ve tested many types of finish systems and we only offer ones that we know will look good years down the road and can stand up to abuse. And the best hardwood floor coating dominantly is Glitsa Gold Seal Varnish ™Swedish finish systems. Green Hybrid floor finish systems, Water borne coatings, and more.. AHF works with all floor finish coatings including WOCA /RUBIO /WATCO

Filling the wood floor with wood filler

The secret and special sauce if you will!! Trowelling of filler and finish is an ancient art and is the standard of all high quality finishing. Trowel ling cuts off raised grain, it cleans, it fills divots, cracks and voids with finish, It fills scalloped soft grain with finish allowing the afterwards mopped coats to sit on top and give the floor a much flatter appeal, with a single dimensional look, way better! wood floor trowell filling finishing videos on Facebook

AHF All Hardwood Floors Ltd abides by Work Safe BC standards.

We have our bases covered as our Clarke American matching dust containment systems meet or beat the testing of Work Safe BC right out of the box and even up to five years afterwards that's how good Clarke American floor sanding machine tools and dust containment vacuums are. Certified wood sanding Dust Containment.

Professional Dustless Hardwood floor sanding machines and Dust Free refinishing Sanders specializing in refinishing and restoring the beauty of wood ,Expert Resurfacing Service for All types of Hardwood flooring surfaces throughout Vancouver BC As a Floor sanding specialist my thirty plus years of experience and a believer in integrity I have chosen Only Four manufacturers of the hardwood floor coatings all with a proven record of endurance and beauty with the benefit of a long history and in Glitsa's case sixty years. Here is links to GLITSA Floor finish Manufacturers Read More


AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd offers a wide range of wood floor sanding expertise. quality wood floor ceramic, zircon and silicone carbide sanding paper. Allhardwoodfloor is ready for your next hardwood floor sanding from a small set of stairs to the largest ballroom or gymnasium hardwood floor we can  prepare the surface to finish in a variety of styles and colors

Hardwood floor sanding is an on location service, Let us come to you we will be bringing the best hardwood floor sanding machinery and sanding tools maintained to make my life easy and your floor look fantastic from there its all about the passion, patience, perseverance, skill knowledge of master craftsmen floor layer Ken Moersch to bring alive amazing wood floor results on your hardwood floors, stairs or gym flooring.

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All Hardwood floor ltd american twelve sanding machine AHF's clarke American 8 belt wood floor sanding machine two american twelve inch sanders and a gym floor rider three phase electricity

AHF-All hardwood floor ltd able to engage a broad range and wide variety of surface areas for refinishing resurfacing restoring and more, American Hardwood floor sanding machines: Clarke American twelve, Clarke American eight belt, Clarke Gym Floor Rider.


Please be aware  of the following!

Hardwood floor sanding machine and tools require 220 Volts at 30 amperes.

Gym floor rider setup needs a 90 amperes breaker 3 phase 208 or 480 volts.

  1. Heat and light: The home or dwelling must be heated and light well.
  2. Airflow: In order to ensure the maximum paint shop out come must have control of airflow, ventilation, foot traffic ext.
  3. Pick an appointment when there is nothing else going on if possible. Excavators working on the roadways causes vibrations in turn cause dust to flow. Painters or roofers working outside can also interfere with getting quality finishing results.
  4. Pilot lights and gas may be shut down if necessary.
sanders/sanding machine reviews

These types of professional dust containment hardwood floor sanding machines are not available as a rental tool, You can rent an easy 8 by Clarke its 110 volt job. weighs about 100 lbs. Same thing the edger sander is the more crucial element, the rental shop have a rental version 7R that turns 400 times/minute slower than the B2 Pro. And does not have the proper urethane non marking wheels either. The floor polisher to burnished the wooden surface kind of important! The polisher is also a specialty machine with added weight and power. The floor buffer must be kept cross contaminate free.

Voted The Hardwood flooring industry's number 1 belt floor sander is the Clarke American Floor Crafter approximately 250 lbs with 4 horsepower 230 volt sealed engine. The smaller more portable profile can turn on a dime and is stable when caddying thick vacuum hoses

American Clarke twelve inch sander machine is 7.5 horsepower 230 voltage and 320lbs. Called the Cadillac of the flooring industry, the hundred something year old patent still rated the Number 1 hardwood sanding machine in the world.

After floor sanding introduction to Finishes

AHF's etymology is that we use all types and brands of hardwood floor coatings. Lately we have been utilizing our Glitsa max two component water borne floor coatingsconversion varnishes sealers as a base for water borne and polyurethane hybrid finishes. Glitsa green floor sanding sealer a conversion varnish sealer Introducing our hybrid water borne system of Glitsa gold seal green sealer and Glitsa MAX 2 component water borne commercial graded floor coating.

Glitsa bacca solvent based two component floor sanding sealerAlso introducing our secret weapon Glitsa gold seal Bacca and Glitsa poly 500 a Varnish poly hybrid finish "the Chilasky" offering great look and plenty protection at a reduced cost and expense for your hardwood floor restoration. "This Chilasky" hybrid has plenty of look, Glitsa poly urethane 500 seriesas this blend has an iridescent glow depending on the wood species can look spectacular, very durable and low costs.

*Clause Chilasky is the creator of this finishing system a former BC hardwood guy from the fifties. I would be happy to discuss with you all about what I have learned from this mentor and many others like him! Vancouver Bacca poly sanding refinishing with bacca glitsa gold seal sealer and glitsa poly ..below image Bacca and poly on a Vancouver Dunbar war timer.

Yes, we have Low VOC water borne and water based polyurethanes floor finishes! Waterborne Finish For many of our customers is a viable alternative, because solvent based finishes are choking strong odors like the Glitsa gold seal Swedish Varnish finish and the fumes and inconvenience associated with it prompt them to choose a waterborne finish. Waterborne floor finish technology has only been around for about twenty five years, so these finishes do not full commercial water borne 2 component this is the original perfered products self seal repakaged thank you bill price share the time-tested reputation for durability that the sixty years old Swedish finish enjoys. In spite of this, we have had great success with waterborne products for many years, and as the technology becomes more and more advanced, we expect waterborne floor finishes to be more widely used as the VOC levels start to lower currently at 350 grams a litre Waterborne finish is much less toxic and allow our customers to get back into their homes a little sooner an air-drying urethane-acrylic emulsion. Waterborne finish technology is a relatively recent technology, and therefore waterborne finish products have yet to earn the same durability reputation as for beauty Water borne finishes look fantastic as a satin or matte in the high quality 2 component formula such as the Glitsa MAX a new generation water borne or second choice is Bona Traffic matte or satin. These floor coating products are also opaque in color kind of milky to electric blue stuff. They cannot be compared to the refined grain look and transparency of conversion varnish are nowhere near the same look as solvent based coating Glitsa gold seal Swedish varnish finish not even close. (Swedish finish (conversion Varnish) not available for purchase except to licensed contractors.) Ease of application also makes waterborne floor finishes the best choice for customers who anticipate doing maintenance coating themselves. Waterborne finishes are totally opaque and different appearance from Swedish finish .

Comparing water borne finishes

Ambering and oxidization There is a huge difference on most species. Maple being an exception not such a noticeable difference in color, which is difficult to characterize, so we generally show our customers samples at your home office or business often on your own floor in the case of showing a stain color is an example. You cannot compare waterborne finish which can also appear 'rougher' or 'less smooth' than the Swedish finish due to the lack of volume .

We sell, our economy standard water borne floor finishes as a three coat package when sanding floors. vancouver kitchen floor number one common red oak select t and g hadwood one day finish after sanding the floors with bacca and polyThe refinishing of wooden floors standard is 3 coats no more is needed! I have a friend with this Glitsa Hi Lite entry level water borne coating on his place and they raised two kids and later sold and got an new fresh look with medium protection and medium appearances as the floor surface wears plus it looked good enough to sell wow.

No worries about additional costs or coats with Glitsa Hi Lite waterborne finish, As the standard does the job is notGlitsa Hi Lite water borne finishes required or needed as no noticeable increase in look depth of sheen increase after this coat recommended. With a water borne coating recoating is required every once and a 5 years while, there is an additional charge for additional coats of finish.

Choose the finish based on your lifestyle

Regardless of the type of finish you choose, the single most important factor determining how long the finish will last on your floor is what type and the degree of traffic to which your floor is subjected. A home with 2 adults, 4 children and a Large great Pyrenees dog, for example, will need its floors maintained much sooner and with greater frequency than a single-occupant, no-pet household.

Thank You for your interest in dustless dust free Vancouver hardwood floor sanding refinishing services from AHF All hardwood floor LTD. Please take a moment to thoroughly read the following information about New wood floor installation. MATERIAL CHOICES