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AHF Hardwood Floor and stairs installation and wood floor laying Service, Vancouver BC.

AHF-All hardwood floor Ltd. Quality wood flooring installations methods of all types styles and wood species. Vancouver BC 604 603 7317

Timeless quality Vancouver hardwood stairs & stair sets installations

Come and experience the exceptional quality and value of a real genuine AHF All hardwood floor ltd hardwood floor or stair set.

*quality hardwood flooring installed carefully by the hands of a passionate dedicated and determined hardwood floor craftsmen of 33 years of experience near Vancouver BC.

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Professionally installed hardwood flooring stairs & stair sets

Quality hardwood floor laying and installations depends greatly on the experience and attitude of the floor installer

*Ken Moersch is a Vancouverite and has served as professional hardwood floor layer in the Vancouver area 33 years creating amazingly beautiful hardwood floors and matching sets of stairs

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Hardwood stairs created to match any wooden floor

Throughout the British Columbia pacific coast north west AHF All hardwood floor ltd is your top industry professional hardwood stairs and flooring installation and laying service by one of the industries top professionals Ken Moersch 604 603 7317

*Quality Service Price at AHF all hardwood floor limited   hardwood floor sanding refinishing installation laying stairs gym floors dance studios sacred geometry.

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All types styles methods and species wood flooring installations near Vancouver BC

Nailed down hardwood flooring comes in top nailed or surfaced nailed square edge flooring or tongue and groove hardwood flooring which is blind nailed or secret nailed in through the protruding tongue.

 Glued down with Bostik's urethane glue products such as Best urethane or MVP when you have wide plank or panel style hardwood flooring this is an excellent moisture barrier and helpful for sound transmission absorption

Custom hardwood floor and stairs installations industry standard services at AHF hardwood floor installation services Vancouver BC.

Featuring quality work, fair competitive pricing. Competent customer services.

Hardwood floor repairs and prefinished wood floors installation services

Water damaged, pet stained and broken boards in your hardwood floor can be replaced. Floor Board replacements for square edge and tongue and groove wooden floorings. Other types of hardwood floor repairs are mortise and router template works for floor mounted hardware or wear layer replacements. Prefinished floor board repairs. Simple finishing touch ups, finish touch up sprays from Glitsa. Call for and appraisal and a written estimate. Book an Appointment

Prefinished hardwood floor installation services for all types and styles of hardwood floors- Since 1979 I have been laying and installing pre finished hardwood flooring and stairs throughout the Vancouver Lower mainland. Typical prefinished hardwood flooring is the solid tongue and groove prefinished hardwood flooring called also nailed down flooring another prefinished installation specialty is the glued down prefinished hardwood floor. AHF hardwood floor installation services Vancouver has the expertise you need

Featured hardwood floor installation Vancouver BC

shop local, buy Canadian Some of the very best wood products that I have used, were milled and manufactured right here in Port Coquitlam or Richmond BC. __Ken Moersch 604-603-7317.

AHF-all hardwood floor ltd custom hardwood floor installationsAHF-hardwood floors is here offering top quality hardwood floor craftsmanship or the skill of an old world tradesmen to do the work on your floors. One of the more simple up grades that can add real flair to an older 50's 60's home is to rip out and replace to old fir stair treads even if you keep the old fir skirting the treads and risers can come out and new pre made oak stair treads can be fitted and urethane glued in. While we are on the topic of fifties sixties homes the top nailed strip floors came in several different face widths, the inch and a third top nailed strip Oak came from different sources back in the day and are not usually transplantable, Handy to know the history and legacy of the nailing patterns of the hardwood flooring contractors of Vancouver from the 40s and onwards. Upgrading a sixties home with a new kitchen hardwood floor is money well spent too I have installed every kind of hardwood floor in a kitchen you can imagine, one of the best looking hardest wearing easiest to keep would be ones that match the physical dimensions of the length and the face width. AHF all hardwood floor Ltd. can supply you with inch and three quarters x 3/4'' rift and quarter sawn red and white oak hardwood flooring materials. This is specially milled I need six weeks usually to make it with variety of matching in colors. This kitchen floor installation now can be glued in along the ship lap for a nice solid tight installation.

More great hardwood flooring ideas, sometimes you have to sacrifice the face width for stability. Stability of being able to pick up ambient changes in the environment humidity and temperature mostly concerning the wood species ability expand and contract without overbearing it past it's point of dimensional origin. A diligent Installer knows what to watch out for while laying a wooden floor and how to alleviate the additional stress caused by this. Know your grains, the best floors have dedicated specified grain designations and are part of international standards such as the NWFA or the MFMA . You probably heard of these Oak species grain patterns rift sawn is edge grain, quarter sawn is vertical grain, Plain sawn is common or flat grain. Each type of grain has its own direction of expansion and contraction besides the length. 

AHF's Ken Moersch Hardwood floor laying Qualifications and Certifications

BC Provincial Floor Layer Apprenticeship (hardwood)

ken moersch's 1986 hardwood floor appreticeship certicifate vancouver bc Hardwood Floor Layer Apprenticeship, signed on & first day worked May 28 1979 here in Vancouver BC. It took six years to receive this hardwood floor layer Apprenticeship from the Ministry of Labor BC.

BC Provincial Ticket Qualification Certification

Hardwood floor layer BC certification BC provicial TicketHardwood Floor Layer Qualification received after ten Years of membership and service in Union Hardwood flooring contractor services companies greater Vancouver, BC

ITA Certificate of Recognition AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd

training authority BC CANADA  mentorship AHF-All hardwood floor Ltd participates in higher stadards BC laborCommitted to finding and training future hardwood floor layer craftsmen of BC's skilled labor workforce. The beauty of wood flooring stairs and Gymnasium hardwood floors Vancouver!

hardwood floor expansion article  

Under Standing hardwood installation tension related issues:

Uses three different sawing methods on our premium site finished Hardwood flooring Plain sawn Plain sawn (also called flat sawn) is the most common cut. It produces the maximum yield and therefore costs less. Plain-sawn lumber has varying grain orientations. The grain can run parallel, diagonal or perpendicular to the face of the board. This variation can cause un-even drying which makes the board more likely to warp (cup, twist, and bow). The board will also shrink somewhat in thickness as well as width. A plain sawn floorboard contains more variation than the other two cuts because grain patterns resulting from the growth rings are more obvious. Quarters awn Quarter sawing produces flooring with annual growth rings running almost straight along the face of the board. Quarters awn flooring materials tend to remain flat despite changes in moisture content and are less likely to shrink. Quarter-sawn flooring also has superior ability to hold paints and stains. This process costs more because quarter sawing requires more time and skill to cut and it yields less board footage from each log. Rift sawn Rift sawn is similar to quarters awing, but the cut is made at a slightly different angle.

Project Wood flooring will perform best when the interior environment is controlled to stay within a relative humidity range 30% to 50% and a temperature range 60F to 80F. The chart below indicates the moisture content wood will likely have at any given combination of temperature and humidity. Note that equilibrium moisture contents in the recommended temperature/humidity range (green area) coincide with the 6% to 9% range within which most hardwood flooring is manufactured. Although some movement can be expected even between 6% and 9%, wood can expand and shrink dramatically outside that range.

Before you buy hardwood floors article.

Hardwood flooring requires Homework

A new wood floor installation is a major investment that will last a lifetime. It is our wish that you make an informed decision to find the product that best suits your needs. We encourage our customers to view a variety of wood types before making a choice. if you know what type of material you would like, we will come to your jobsite. and bring along hardwood floor species , patterns styles, and examples of stain or finish coatings.

An old hardwood floor sanding and refinishing can revitalize your environment and bring in the rare earth tones which only natural wood can produce. Sanding the hardwood floors will get rid of that old yellow varnish and I have coatings today that allow us to control the yellow and ambering to our design.. Many of these old homes in the Vancouver area have red oak quarter sawn top nailed strip flooring, the select and no1 common inch and a third is a little more popular

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