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Hardwood floors sanding and finishing

AHF-All Hardwood floor ltd. Dust less Dust free Hardwood floor professional refinishing services Vancouver BC, Hardwood floor images and photos courtesy of Ken Moersch high quality hardwood floor master craftsman artisan of 33 years experience. Showing the uniform look and even sheen of the very subtle Glitsa Gold seal Swedish. The sanding of the wood floor is just as important as the finish on the floor especially if you have an Oak or Fir plain sawn or flat grain hardwood or softwood floorings.

Hardwood floors refinishing choices include options and upgrades from a natural finish to a stained with a straight out of the can stain color. The next level of staining hardwood floor is to custom mix a color based on understanding raw elements: tints, dyes and pigments such terms as: raw sienna or lamp black, raw and burnt umber or titanium white. All of these tints and pigments names have been international standards for centuries. We are please to offer the basics in whole tone stains which can be custom mixed to offer all the in between colors to a degree of Ebony - Sable black - Coffee brown- Antique brown - Spice brown - Fruitwood - Nutmeg - Golden Brown- cordovan - White - Whisper grey - Taupe EG. I have many different staining applications all of these techniques involve hand rubbing and wiping the floor while crawling around on your hands and knees very carefully! Yes... these hardwood floors are truly hand rubbed even today in the 21 century.