Gymnasium floors resurfacing Services

Specializing in professional Gymnasium wood floor refinishing. Gym floor sanding, Game court markings, Basketball court painting, Maple or Beach wooden or VCT Vinyl gymnasium auditorium theatre or recreation centre hardwood floor repairs, repainting artwork graphics logos banner lettering - Vancouver BC 604 603 7317

eagles logo hand painted by ken moersch 2014 vancouverExperienced professional gymnasium hardwood floor refinishing refinishing services from AHF hardwood floor ltd. Vancouver BC. port coquitlam-logo-touch-up-repaint When it comes to sanding and finishing gymnasium wood floors, Ken Moersch and AHF all hardwood floor ltd. the best value in quality and  service. Established in 2003 AHF Ltd. continues to provide top quality gymnasium wood floor resurfacing with quality American made floor sanding tools and floor coating & painting products of our local manufacturer. Mobile services for wood floor refinishing services to all locations in the province of BC.

Why choose our Gymnasium refinishing services? Check out the great features we offer:

  • Well established flooring contractor business incorporated April2004
  • Work Safe BC Certified Dust containment and sanding machines
  •  Standard five million  liabilities insurance with Gore Mutual
  • American made work vehicles insured for artisan and commercial use.
  • One of the smaller organizations here in Vancouver
  • A plus rated with the Better Business Bureau of lower mainland Vancouver
  • Clarke American floor sanding machines sanders
  • Business owner is a BC Provincial registered master craftsmen
  • Business owner also does the work assisted by registered apprentices
  • Business owner is from Vancouver and has served 33 years in the Vancouver floor industry
  • Fine quality wood craftsmanship performed at exceptional levels of quality.
  • excellent responsive and friendly service with attention to detail.
  • One of the only hardwood floor companies to work with All coatings: Solvent urethane/ poly or water borne
  • High performance American Gym floor rider sander setup on three phase electricity.
  • Versatile and talented artwork LOGO's Banner lettering team emblems graphics sponsor symbols
  • Work performed in a clean and organized fashion.
  • Floor refinishing projects completed on timeline.
  • Competitive fair pricing

1Wood floor sanding

AHF hardwood floor Ltd. Own all the best American made heavy duty industrial hardwood floor refinisher sanders and dust containment systems for dust less / dust free  or without the dust floor sanding refinishing by  sanding machines made by Clarke American / US sanders. Made in the USA but renown world wide for more than 100 years. The Cadillac of the hardwood floor industry.

 AHF's Gymnasium Floor Resurfacing is of the highest cleanest pronounced amazing  work that can be purchased here in the city of  Vancouver BC wood floor sanding is of Industry standard quality workmanship performed by an 35 year local Vancouver hardwood floor master craftsmen.

2Paint and finish coatings

Top quality epoxy and urethane alkyd enamel paints for sports floor game lines and game court markings. Including special flexible coating's for VCT vinyl. Ken Moersch has fully tested all of our paints and finishes to ensure they are compatible with their respective finish coating system . Unlike all our competitors guarantee the finished gymnasium floor resurfacing including the paint project for ten years.

Quality gymnasium wood floor finish coatings in two component water borne, solvent based polyurethane or Moisture cured urethane gym floor coatings: Each have there respective use and generally are not compatible with one another.. AHF Gymnasium floor resurfacing.

3Layouts and upgrades

We provide professional and friendly support to all our customers. If you need any help with the layout or design of your game court marking or basketball court layout

Its Very easy to have a beautiful decorative themed gymnasium floor.

Add a solid key to your basketball court or perhaps a team emblem logo or symbol to the centre circle

Artwork like Graphics team emblems logos banner lettering can all be applied in game line paint

Repainting of existing game court markings colors can be refreshed when doing a screen and recoating

Did you know...

Gymnasium hardwood floor refinishing involves preparing the building for the floor refinishing by removing or protecting the floor plates and baseboards metal thresholds. The floor to be either cleaned with auto scrubber, then polished fine screened sanded down for a recoating or set up the gym floor rider sander to begin the floor sanding process. .


Resurface a gym floor...Choose a resand re sand? or a re coat recoat they call both a Gymnasium refinishing??

Stages Stairs Studio  AHF your complete gymnasium floor refinisher able resurface the smaller wooden surfaces  gyms stages stairs and adjoining  drama and art studio floors.

The truck full of floor sanding machines and sanders for refinishing floors of hardwood on a gymnasiumRefinishing Gymnasium hardwood floors requires a high degree of skill and know how to produce floors that look stunning, and are made of all the elements of quality and value. The two different ways the refinishing is being served up is as follows. The floors are sanded back to bare wood and "the finishing" the painting and coating is re applied to produce a refinished floor. This is a full gym floor refinishing.

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Refinishing can also be a screen and recoat where the surface of the gymnasium floor is cleaned and lightly sanded with a fine abrasive screen disk, this process is to mask off a protect all the base boards metal thresholds and Johnsonite vent cove base. palm sand around the perimeter and hand sand along boards that have heaved, cupped or crowned screen and clean with both a commercial industrial hepa filter vacuum and a micro fiber tack rag, cleaning these out with compressed air.

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Gym wood floor repairs

  • Broken Boards replacements
  • Broken floor sockets
  • Bent floor plates and replacements
  • Surface paint and finish touch ups

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Basketball court paint

  • the Key
  • The logo
  • end zone banner lettering
  • side banner lettering
  • Three Point circle
  • Court styles NBA/NCAA/FIBA

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Game court markings

  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Pickle ball
  • Four square
  • Custom your paint

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gymnasium floor refinishing

  • Mechanized industrial floor sanding
  • Game court markings/ game line painting
  • Custom Graphics solid painted keys
  • Custom staining for three point field or in field

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Floor layer Apprenticeship

AHF's Ken Moersch hardwood floor layer apprenticeship document signed 1985 Vancouver BC. BC provincial hardwood floor apprenticeship completed the prescribed six thousand hours on the job and in the classroom training by mentorship of my peers.

BC provincial Qualification

AHF's Ken Moersch Hardwood floor layer qualifications. This is a BC provincial "Ticket" a certification in the hardwood flooring industry part of being a master craftsmen. I received this after ten years service 1995 in the union hardwood floor company environment,

BC Training Authority

AHF All hardwood floor ltd is a participant in training for the future of our province's qualified experienced tradesman to fulfill the role of master craftsmen and fine wood craftsmen. Are you interested in signing on, to become a registered apprentice.