Polyurethane wooden floor refinishing

Polyurethane floor finishing with AHF Vancouver's All hardwood floor ltd Traditional Economy value sealing finishing for  real solid hardwood floor and stairs pre sanded Craftsmanship since 1979 Ken has been professionally  sanding and finishing residential homes in and around the BC lower mainland chances are i may have re sanded an old hardwood floor in your very own Vancouver neighborhood .

AHF Professional polyurethane hardwood floor economy re sanding refinishing services is your best hardwood floor value AHF All Hardwood Floor Vancouver BC  Ken MOERSCH 604-603-7317

Polyurethane wooden floor refinishing

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ken Moersch 604 603 7317 35 years of experience with hardwood floors stairs, refinishing, resurfacing, floor restoration and repairs coquitlam based artist master craftsmen hardwood floor layer wood floor sander finisher glitsa swedish gold seal seeker One day Polyurethane hardwood floor refinishing is the number one seller entry level floor refinishing service because of the lower costs involved. The secret to a great polyurethane finished hardwood floor is always the sanding of the wooden floor after all preparation is everything right! Sanded wood flooring should be smooth as a baby's bum. The sealer needs to be fast dry so many layers can be applied before rolling on the one coat of polyurethane floor finish. This means you must seal the floor to an even sheen before rolling on the polyurethane wood floor coating.

AHF All hardwood floor ltd has a great advantage with our Cadillac's sanding machines the American Twelve floor sander machine, Simply put the best twelve inch floor sander machine ever made. In the case of a stained colored wood floor followed by an American Floor crafter eight inch Belt Machine the best eight inch belt machine ever made. Read more on the sanding preparation!

 Our floor sanding process involves rough angle sanding  Most hardwood floors will require to be rough sanded especially the plain sawn or flat grain planks and strips, parquet floors fore sure. three to four sanding passes are required and i will usually do the edging perimeter floor sanding  three times around, The sanding passes are a complete once around the whole floor with rough medium and fine sanding grits. Full trowell flood filling in between sanding and graduate sanding to a fine one hundred grit or double oo . Sand with a sanding screen to burnishing with a polisher after hand sanding all the short ends and lengths and this hardwood floor surface is ready for the next process either staining the hardwood floor a stain color or a variation of a natural clear(transparent) or natural opaque(pastel ) keeping the wood floors light as possible and leaving the future repair touch-up or maintenance options open for many years down the road, such as screen and recoating to renew the original sparkle and shine. This is what sanding the floor is all about preparing for the finish.

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AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd offers the most popular brand names in polyurethane wooden floor finishes, hardwood floor coating manufacturers like: Bona, Poloplaz, Glitsa, Dura-seal, Basic Coatings, Last and Last....Generally called oil modified poly, a polyurethane finish is your basic entry level of protection with an average coverage of 500 Sqft per gallon. polyurethane is a paint thinner based or Varsol based paint so smell is still quite strong and the drying times are longer around twelve hours. The most popular methods of applications are roller with a 6mil nap woven is nice too. Drag on the polyurethane with a heavy weight T bar Padco type applicators, Paint on with a brush requires skill as does lambs wool applicators for polyurethane

  The polyurethane coating is generally the color of light amber and will yellow dramatically within the first year, The typical system for a one day finished polyurethane coating is to use a fast drying sealer and trowell the surface with a large steel plate dragging the surface with the sealer. Lacquer sanding sealer U-200 is the wrong sealer because it does not have any penetration and is incompatible with polyurethane. Once dry nothing else will stick to lacquer except lacquer itself so the trick for this is to roll your coat of polyurethane over this lacquer before it has evaporated. We use the Glitsa Bacca floor sanding sealer instead it is compatible and has great penetration and high build to create a great seal.

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All Hardwood floor ltd american twelve sanding machine AHF's clarke American 8 belt wood floor sanding machine two american twelveinch sanders and a gym floor rider three phase electricity

AHF-All hardwood floor ltd able to engage a broad range and wide variety of surface areas for refinishing resurfacing restoring and more, American Hardwood floor sanding machines: Clarke American twelve, Clarke American eight belt, Clarke Gym Floor Rider.


Please be aware  of the following!

 Polyurethane hardwood floor finishing is usually fairly harmless

It is not possible to sleep in your home for approx 24 hrs depending on sensitivity  

  1. Heat and light: The home or dwelling must be heated and light well.
  2. Airflow: In order to ensure the maximum paint shop out come must have control of airflow, ventilation, foot traffic ext.
  3. Pick an appointment when there is nothing else going on if possible. Excavators working on the roadways causes vibrations in turn cause dust to flow. Painters or roofers working outside can also interfere with getting quality finishing results.
  4. Pilot lights and gas may be shut down if necessary.
  5. floor resurfacing machinery requires access to 230 voltage at 30 amperes
  6. Gymnasium floor sander rider setup requires a single 90 ampere 3 phase breaker.

These types of professional dust containment hardwood floor sanding machines are not available as a rental tool, that is an easy 8 by Clarke its 110 volt job. weighs about 100 lbs. Same thing the edger sander is the more crucial element, the rental shop have a rental version that turns 400 times/minute slower than the B2 Pro.

Voted The Hardwood flooring industry's number 1 belt floor sander is the Clarke American Floor Crafter approximately 250 lbs with 4 horsepower 230 volt sealed engine. The smaller more portable profile can turn on a dime and is stable when caddying thick vacuum hoses

American Clarke twelve inch sander machine is 7.5 horsepower 230 voltage and 320lbs. Called the Cadillac of the flooring industry, the hundred something year old patent still rated the Number 1 hardwood sanding machine in the world.