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FAQ's About Hardwood Floor Refinishing-AHF

AHF Vancouver Hardwood Floor Refinishing

provides highly specialized wood floor refinishing services for your existing hardwood floors using the finest quality American and Canadian Work Safe BC certified hardwood floor sanding machines and tools. Running on our Clarke American Dust containment system for indoors dustless dust free floor sanding . AHF collects all the work related debris and dust and removes this from your job site firstly for fire safety and so I can recycle the floor sanding dust. What a beautiful way to be eco friendly.

Wood Floor Services:

  • Service 1 Dustless dust free wooden floor Sanding
  • Service 2 Competitive dust free hardwood floor refinishing
  • Service 3 Glitsa gold seal Swedish varnish finishing
  • Service 4 Water borne dustless wood floor refinishing
  • Service 5 Polyurethane dust free wooden floor refinishing
  • Service 6 Moisture Cured Urethane gym floor finishing
  • Service 7 Dustless Vancouver hardwood floor sanding
  • Service 8 Staining Hardwood Floors
  • Service 9 Vancouver Wood Floor Refinish
  • Service 10 Screen and Recoat
  • Service 11 Floor Installation Laying Services
  • Service 12 Gym floor refinishing services
  • Service 13 game court marking painting
  • list more products or categories here
  • An old hardwood floor sanding and refinishing can revitalize your environment and bring in the rare earth tones which only natural wood can produce. Sanding the hardwood floors will get rid of that old yellow varnish and I have coatings today that allow us to control the yellow and ambering to our design.. Many of these old homes in the Vancouver area have red oak quarter sawn top nailed strip flooring, the select and no1 common inch and a third is a little more popular

FAQ's About Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Dustless.. Floor Sanding is for many reasons the logical solution to transforming an older or really well worn hardwood floor into warm elegant natural feature in your home. One should also reflect on the floors part of getting the hardwood floors done before being to concerned about what kind of Dust containment vacuum you might have.

Question.." What kind of dust containment system does AHF use?

Answer.." the best in the floor industry Clarke American 16 and 26 gallon Industrials  buy one....Clarke American Sanders local Burnaby

Question..." Do I need to leave the home while the dust free wood floor refinishing commences? Is it necessary for most people?

That depends on which type of  wood floor refinishing products that have your confidence,
A water borne floor finish is very low odor so you could stay.
Where and oil modified polyurethane will keep you out for a day or two with the inherent varsol or paint thinner smell.
Glitsa gold seal Swedish finish is a conversion varnish, most people enjoy returning back to their home after three days.

When refinishing any floor it is very important to remember that control over the jobsite can bring the maximum results and although some will be able to camp out with a room down stairs or backyard with the hot tub and bar b que. Other may have to make alternative arrangements should they find out they underestimated the fumes and strong odors.

I am interested in getting you those paint shop quality results... the rest is your decision!  

AHF's Ken is unspoiled and an willing to work whatever time of the day or night is required.
AHF always ready to perform wooden flooring work in consecutive days giving up our Saturdays and Sundays to be considerate appreciative and accommodate our customers return to their homes at the earliest possible convenience,

AHF charges for the wood floors refinish services work pay on completion, no booking fees, no materials draws unless its over ten thousand over ten days time on refinishing.

Question..."What is the procedure for refinishing wooden floors?

There are two types of wooden floor refinishing: where you are just protecting over all the years of wear hoping not to have floor coating reactions or bonding issues.
This type of refinishing is involving screen and clean the existing finished surface and add another coat or two after the preparation.

The Full refinishing of a wooden floor is accomplished with industrial scale machinery to sand back the floors surface to bare wood . three passes are the standard rough/med/fine- fine is double oo- hand sanding and burnishing before cleaning with a vacuum and micro fibre tack ragging. Your choice of finishing or a stain color and a floor finishing coating system.

Question..." What is your background and how much experience in hardwood floors do you have?

AHF All hardwood floor ltd was incorporated in April of 2004, this entity is Fully Insured. licensed trade marked bonded Is functioning as a properly incorporated business with the flooring Contractor business office located and registered at 3232 Mayne Crescent V3E1E1 Coquitlam. BC.

Ken Moersch the business owner is a registered qualified BC provincially ticketed master craftsman hardwood floor layer receiving BC registered apprenticeship in 1985 and a further BC registered Hardwood floor Covering(hardwood) Qualifications in 1995, Has a long history here in Vancouver BC known by his peers to be one of the best in the wooded floor circles. Enough experience to know how to treat people right.

Question..."Who will be doing the work the labor on refinishing my hardwood floor

That's the beautiful part of the deal Ken Moersch the owner of AHF "all Hardwood floor ltd" will do the dustless floor sanding refinishing by himself making the work truly unique as you can see in any of AHF online photographs. Would you like a 33 year experienced local Vancouver hardwood floor tradesmen equipped with all the best of everything working for you?
As a smaller business Ken knows when your working at these levels quality workmanship reputation is everything.

Question..."Why did you choose the finishes you provide?

AHF-All hardwood floor ltd. Uses all the various floor coatings and finishes water borne, solvent based. paint thinner based. conversion varnishes polyurethanes, moisture cured urethanes, two component epoxy paints for basket ball courts, urethane alkyd enamel paints Probably the most experienced at all of these different coatings.
With this in mind what is important to AHF is that your floor installation or refinishing is of value in that it lasts a good duration not only that it lasts but how does it look as it wears. Sanding the wooden floors over and over again will shorten the life of the floor and the appearance will breakdown quickly after the third lifetime re sanding.

The reason AHF uses the Glitsa gold seal Swedish finish the conversion varnish the heavy duty solvent based product is because AHF cares about my health and the health of my clients.
If my customers are supporting me by spending their money with me a local hardwood floor professional. I think my customer deserve the best they can get for their money.
My specialty floor coating this Glitsa varnish has a refined grain look and has a self healing skin where it is hard to see the impressions and scratching from a standing position plus the ability  to limit the amount of ambering making this a truly unique highest quality longest lasting floor finish system.

Ken Moersch Is the owner of AHF "all Hardwood floor ltd." Ken is an exceptional extraordinary master craftsman hardwood floor specialist of 33 years of experience. Passionate about getting quality amazing hardwood floor paint shop quality refinishing results.

Question..."Would you recommend a water borne finish on a Oak top nailed strip hardwood floor?

Using a water borne floor finish would not be a good choice for a re sanding of an Oak top nailed strip hardwood floor because there is the potential for all the nail heads to turn rusty and dark due to oxidization this affect may not occur till down the road while usually in the six months to year and half later start to show everywhere...The Oak top nailed strip floor will work if its the first time around or a new wood floor installation usually no problems

Question..."What should i do when my floors start looking dull?

Probably time to hunt down the receipt for the last time you had the floors resanded and finished and find out the date. The industry standard polyurethane or low VOC water borne finished wood floors can be worn out in as little a five years. AHF recommends call for an in home appraisal. Will let you know when its time for a screen and recoating.

Question..."Do you have Work Safe BC coverage?

As an Incorporated entity that is the law that Work Safe BC coverage for everyone working for AHF the accountant my two sons my self and anyone i want to hire. you the consumer can go right to the WCB Work Safe BC website with the link i provided and get a letter of clearance for any company that's legitimate.

Question..."Are all floor finishes the same?

Not at all...The nicest looking most durable is the most toxic and require great skills to apply. There is detailed explanations of the many different kinds of floor coating and there pros and cons

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The bottom line is Glitsa gold seal Swedish finish has been the 60 year gold standard that all others are trying to emulate /simulate and that even Glitsa themselves are admitting too..

Question..."When is it safe to move the furniture back in?

A good time line to keep in mind is approximately three days post completion. Glitsa gold seal Swedish finish system allows you get get back on the floor the fastest with the maximum of protection 24hrs and because of the self healing skin which is especially true during the first four months of newly refinished hardwood floor. Beautiful and tough all in one, this finish can resist lacquer thinner once cured!

Question..."How good does your one day finish polyurethane stack up against your gold seal Glitsa?

the two products are worlds apart in the durability, look and scratch resistance. Polyurethane eventually turns dark and yellow should last ten years if you look after it. oddly enough these poly finishes dry out and become brittle so there again you lose the hardness and scratch resistance. Should never be used over a lacquer sanding sealer.

Question..."What's the difference in the Industrial dust containment systems?

Industrial dust containment systems are generally manufactured to meet or exceed the standard HEPA filter ratings. What the Vacuum machine cannot capture it will at least have broken/reversed the static charge. So the collateral dust is just lying there not clinging to anything else. The only two Dust containment systems dependable enough for Work Safe BC commercial and residential use are the Clarke American sanders and Diamond Jet 1200 Industrial Vacuum .. This is of extreme importance if you want to do lead dust paint abatement work the most important factor is the dust containment can correctly handle the CFM out put of a twelve inch wooden floor sander. AHF's Dust containment are matching equipment made by the same manufacturer as the sanding machines

Question..."What are the advantages to a water born coating for refinishing the hardwood floor?

The main advantage is that water borne floor coating is very easy and relaxing to apply,  hardly need any skill needed. There is no real smell for most of the entry level low voc water borne coatings such as the Bona Mega and Glitsa Infinity ||, both of these products have an optional fortifier as does my generic Crystallthane || for which we always give four coats hoping the best for our economy based clients. When you add the fortifier it doubles the VOC's

Question..."When staining the floor is there any smell from that and how does the water borne look on a stained hardwood floor??

when Staining the hardwood floors surface, the stain is an oil and alcohol based penetrating stain theses are the best and even Bona and Poloplaz and so on all have an oil modified stain there is a light odor. How they look when completed is a little rougher grain haze and murkiness. Over the course of a year the stain under the coating will tend to look much more even and uniform. 

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