Artistic Gymnasium Hardwood floor refinishing and game court markings painting specialists ~ Vancouver, BC

AHF-All Hardwood floor ltd. specializes in Refinishing Gymnasium Hardwood floors with 33 years of hands on experience  resurfacing and sanding maple and beach hardwood floors remarking laying out and hand painting the basket ball, volley ball. badminton, and other types of games court markings that kids play on to the university and professional league sports games.

Hardwood Basket ball courts can be decorated by painting to a theme to enhance the performance of the players and create the environment for great game viewing and feel. Up grade your basket ball courts to the latest FIBA standards for international basket ball we also recreate NBA and NCAA Basket ball courts with epoxy and urethane game line paints

Floor courts and game court markings of all types colors line widths and styles, Specialized graphics and 2 component epoxy paints for professional logos and team emblems banner lettering solid painted basketball keys graphics and more...