Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service..

AHF All Hardwood Floor ltd Dustless hardwood floor refinishing, Featuring the highest quality everything, the floor sanders or sanding machines, the dust containment all work safe approved the Master craftsman hardwood floor layer floor refinisher sander finisher of 35 years of expertise willing to do the work on your floors.

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Dustless hardwood floor refinishing

SKU# DHRF01  natural dustless refinish costs($?.??per Sqft)call for current pricing!

Refinishing hardwood floors is very eco friendly and popular and we recycling our sanding dust. AHF All hardwood floor ltd makes refinishing your hardwood flooring hassle free and easy with a wide variety of water borne floor coating and hybrid floor coatings designed for convenience and ease of operation. The water borne floor coating  can be easily applied and does dry very quickly. These types of  wood floor coatings are not the really tough ones so you can expect to reapply more down the road just remember not to use harsh cleaning products soaps or oils and waxes as this will make recoating later problematic. Every hardwood floor refinishing requires great preparation work by the use of heavy duty specialty wood floor resurfacing machinery. AHF mobile hardwood flooring service provided throughout the Vancouver BC lower mainland and refinishing hardwood floors is our specialty with 35 years of service Industry standard Work Safe BC compliant Hardwood floor sanding utilizing High Quality American Made Hardwood Floor sanding Machines and Matching Dust collection containment systems are perfect for all hardwood locations for on site sanded wood flooring and floor refinishing of all types

AHF has a great advantage with our Cadillac's sanding machines the American twelve inch floor sander, Simply put the best twelve inch floor sander machine ever made. followed by an American floor crafter eight inch belt machine, the best eight inch belt machine ever made.

;AHF Vancouver's all hardwood floor ltd dustless dust free hardwood floor refinishing service might be just what you need. Ken Moersch the owner of all hardwood floor has been working with Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish finish for 33 years now.  Ken also likes all the different types of hardwood floor coatings and finishes and offers a spectacular array of polyurethane, water borne and low voc water based finishes, conversion varnishes solvent based coatings and moisture cured urethanes Our floor sanding refinishing process involves the use of dust collectors and large industrial vacuum cleaners. In order to achieve amazing floor finishing results we are trying to create that paint shop environment in your home or flooring project. A hardwood floor refinishing can be a change from the old yellow finishes as an alternative we can stain the hardwood flooring a color such as coffee brown , antique brow, spice brown, medium brown, ebony, cordovan and more . Staining the hardwood floor is surely a contrast, an option to the lighter natural clear coat.  A complete Refinishing any hardwood floor starts off by Sanding the floors back to bare wood, the resurfacing process starts by rough angle sanding  Most hardwood floors will require to be rough sanded especially the plain sawn or flat grain planks and strips, parquet floors fore sure. three to four sanding passes are required and i will usually do the edging perimeter floor sanding  three times around, The sanding passes are a complete once around the whole floor with rough medium and fine sanding grits. Full trowell flood filling in between sanding and graduate sanding to a fine one hundred grit or double oo . Sand with a sanding screen to burnishing with a polisher after hand sanding all the short ends and lengths and this hardwood floor surface is ready for the next process either staining the hardwood floor a stain color or a variation of a natural clear(transparent) or natural opaque(pastel ) keeping the wood floors light as possible and leaving the future repair touch-up or maintenance options open for many years down the road, such as screen and recoating to renew the original sparkle and shine. This is what sanding the floor is all about preparing for the finish.

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AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd offers all types of hardwood floor refinishing with a broad range of quality only wood floor surface coatings for your hardwood floor refinishing project. The typical competitive hardwood floor products in this categories are Water borne and two component water borne finishes in a brand name such as Bona Mega, Basic Coatings Basic1, Poloplaz Prism, Glitsa infinity2 in there mid grade product with one or two sealer and two top coats. The good stuff the Bona Traffic, Basic Coatings Street Shoe, Poloplaz Zenith Max and Glitsa SC or MAX considerably are more money to refinish a newly sanded wood floor with being slightly higher prices than Conversion Varnish, if the floor refinishing job is worthy of a photograph!

Hardwood floor refinishing is an on location service, Let us come to you we will be bringing the best hardwood floor sanding machinery  and sanding tools maintained to make my life easy and your floor look amazing, from there its all about the passion, patience, perseverance, skill knowledge of master craftsmen floor layer Ken Moersch to bring alive amazing wood floor results refinishing your hardwood floors, stairs or gym flooring.

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All Hardwood floor ltd american twelve sanding machine AHF's clarke American 8 belt wood floor sanding machine two american twelveinch sanders and a gym floor rider three phase electricity

Kens Floors AHF-All hardwood floor ltd versatile selection of mid quality water borne wood floor coatings-seen top or left is American black walnut floor finished in Bona semi gloss | mid white oak rift sawn in natural satin waterborne Glitsa | bottom or right antique brown stain and Basic Coatings Street Shoe satin on red oak strip floor


Please be aware of the following!

Hardwood floor sanding machine and tools require 220 Volts at 30 amperes.

Gym floor rider setup needs a 90 amperes breaker 3 phase 208 or 480 volts.

  1. Heat and light: The home or dwelling must be heated and light well.
  2. Airflow: In order to ensure the maximum paint shop out come must have control of airflow, ventilation, foot traffic ext.
  3. Pick an appointment when there is nothing else going on if possible. Excavators working on the roadways causes vibrations in turn cause dust to flow. Painters or roofers working outside can also interfere with getting quality finishing results.
  4. Pilot lights and gas may be shut down if necessary for solvent based coatings..

Ken Moersch is an extremely competent confident hardwood floor craftsman who knows how to achieve fine quality floor workmanship, I found him to be extremely trustworthy and enjoyed working with AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd of Coquitlam BC

Very good Ken, I did not realize how much physical labor it required to refinish my hardwood flooring, I guess you are to you busy to have stage fright as i watched you work all day long, I was really surprised that you worked till eight in the evening and actually completed the refinishing of my smaller floor job with three coats of street shoe water borne without hardly any dust

AHF-All hardwood floor dustless floor refinishing did a wonderful job of refinishing my old fir flooring we decided to refinish even though Ken told us this would be the last time to sand down the old Fir floors. We choose the Glitsa gold Seal because it is known for its durability Wow great job refinishing Fir wood floors