AHF HW Floors ltd. Policies

AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd reaffirms that this company warranties the complete project when under our control. weather a residential  project or larger hardwood area in institutional commercial setting. This warranty specifically covers firstly the workmanship or the quality of the work. Secondly This warranty covers wood flooring products for material defects and flaws only if the wood flooring is of our supply.

The warranty on your newly purchased hardwood flooring installation is not an insurance policy or a maintenance package.

Meaning that with 35 years of experience grading lumber  The hardwood floor proposal we provide will outline what is required in order to give you amazing results. These wood flooring pieces will not be installed and if they happen to show up later in the case of a sanded on site hardwood floor that they will be mended. Your new floor will be highly scrutinized while we inspect it after completion. If something does show up down the road all you have to do is email or write us . Your Floor layer will respond!!

Warranty Information All hardwood floor Ltd offers standard hardwood flooring industry warranty on all hardwood floors and stairs workmanship weather installation sanding or finishing while using new wood flooring materials and products of our supply.

. Our full Old Web Site warranty page information is available on our site.

Support policies

Coquitlams own Trapper Ken Moersch hardwood floor layer installer sander finisher, veratle talented excellent vancouver american german dutch canadianWe take pride in offering great customer support for our Hardwood floor contract based services We make them and know best how to fix problems that may arise. There are, however, some limitations as to what we can do:

  • We will support all legitimate claims 12 months from the date of purchase. However we may choose to extend a timeline based on the customers convenience. Eg. when working with  solvent based floor coatings.
  • Hardwood floors need time for the coating to cure before they really look subtle. Information on this and a wide variety of possible outcomes for refinishing floors can be found here...
  • For a complete list of our policies, please visit our site for full details.

Refund policy

New Hardwood flooring Supplied AHF Allhardwoodfloor ltd. are considered as investments as they become permanent fixture indoors on your property as such, are subject to the environment which must also be maintained are usually not refundable outside of our warranty as described herein

If you have installation or finishing problems with any product that we have sold you, please contact us as soon as possible. We can help resolve the issue, or take other measures to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Our general intention is to keep our clients satisfied with our response time and customer service

Ken makes it his business to know everything about the wood flooring and floor products we sell.

The Following situations not covered by this warranty:

Hardwood flooring installed in a basement or below ground level (the grade).

Hardwood flooring installed directly over cement slab radiant heated or not.

Reduction or Dulling of the sheen(the floors shine)or gloss - normal not considered surface wear.

Shrinking or expansion of the floor, Which is due to seasonal changes in humidity and/or heating conditions and therefore not considered a defect.

Fading or changes in color, which are due to exposure to sunlight/intensive lighting and, are as such considered normal.

Scratches, dents and other types of damages caused by furniture and appliances, moving objects, water or other liquids, insects, pets, sand, salt, dust, pam, Incorrect footwear, high heels,

Abuse or misuse example: bowling balls, ice skates, floor hockey, powered scaffolding

Excessive use of water or cleaning with auto scrubber

Damage resulting from unsatisfactory storage protection, improper care, neglect, abuse and or improper humidity and temperature levels or lack there of.

Squeaks are covered only for hardwood floor to hardwood floor issues otherwise do not guarantee squeaks can be completely or permanently removed especially from an older home.

Over un-insulated unprotected unheated areas: crawl spaces, balconies or garages 

Minor variations in the woods color, grain, knots and mineral streaks are inherent features of all hardwood flooring and stairs materials "The Wood" Such variations are considered normal and are not considered defects unless the account for more than 5% of the total volume of flooring is purchased.