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AHF hand painted epoxy or urethane game court markings for badminton, hockey-volley ball pickle ball shuffle board, hand ball, basketball courts FIBA NBA NCAA logos banners lettering graphics.

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Game court marking that have no priority in the dominance sequence will sit on top in this court there is no separations between the volleyball badminton or basket ball courtPainting the game court marking on a gymnasium hardwood floor? AHF offers industry standard game court markings service in two types of paint. Urethane alkyd enamel is the type of paint used more than any others because it can be used for polyurethane water borne and moisture cured urethane. The other product type is a 2 component epoxy paint whether a polyamide or methyl ethyl keytone based as in our specialty SFC paint for over the VCT vinyl composite tile. Again AHF is using products which are very uncommon in the hardwood floor industry. These specialty paints also require special masking tape as the epoxy also creates heat as it flashes. In British Columbia Gymnasiums what you find is, there are some standard colors for game courts mostly volley ball in reds, yellow, light green /powder blue for side courts, dark green and navy blue occasionally black or a main Basket ball court. Badminton / pickle ball white or cream. look to All Hardwood Floor for lay out & painting of game court markings anywhere in British Columbia .

Game court markings layout / painting

Game Court Color  transform your organizations wooden floor surface into vibrant inspiring game colors. What's good for the players is good for the spectators

game court circle taping machine style 2 with steel poles capable of turning a three point circle for a new FIBA standard basket ball court. tenand twenty foot circles for a hockey courtGame Court marking usually involves plotting and placing game courts over top of each other either one at a time. Waiting for each of the previous courts paint to have dried thoroughly enough to tape on top of, this method is called reverse taping or over lay.  An easier way is to tape out all the courts and cut a way through the lower priority court allowing dominance of the main courts. this method leaves separations the width of tape everywhere one line of a different court meets each other. This method is call single cut out This is the more widely adapted method, greatly speeds up a court painting project.  When taping out game court markings it is possible to integrate clear wood reveals by reverse taping. Solid keys and solid painted center circles could have the court lines painted on top or in clear wood or two 1/4'' pinstripe outlining the courts line..

AHF-All hardwood floor Ltd offers the game court markings and painting service a la carte' or packaged up with sanding or refinishing services to accommodate your needs.

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Gymnasium floor stain?

Game court markings on a professional basket ball court would include a wood stained area inside the three point circle. This is a very interesting and visually attractive concept. Staining the inside three point circle is just one of many different layouts that can be achieved while sanding and refinishing the gymnasium hardwood floor. Giving your game organization's floor a theme and style at  Vancouver's smallest gymnasium floor refinishing company.

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the original game circle tape machine on the game court markings pageAHF hardwood floor's Ken Moersch   A 35 years served dedicated Hardwood flooring professional to oversee the entire game court marking and painting project from start to finish. AHF is anxious to make some new business friends here in Vancouver. I am sure you'll enjoy what we have to offer. Top quality workmanship, Diligent punctual service, deficiency free completions on schedule.

Recent Game Line News

AHF hardwood floor ltd /kens floors Coquitlam BC Canada news flash. 1n 2010 the FIBA basket ball association has change the basket ball court dimensions to a new design, Gone are the angular legs for the jump marks from the main basket keys and in its place sit the new NBA style although 16 foot wide keys instead of a 12 foot the old standard.....Read More


Volleyball court is 60 x 30 approximately and a badminton court 20 x44 feet of course

Volley ball line width is 2 inches while badminton court marking is inch and a half.

The volley ball courts has dominance over the badminton.

the badminton court incorporates a doubles /singles lines which can be color coded to include pickle ball

Images volleyball-badminton courts colors

VCT vinyl gym floor with volley ball badminton and a main basket ball court surrey volley ball and badminton game court markings volley ball game court markings coquitlam BC

AHF-All hardwood floor ltd this example is the volley ball and badminton game court markings. top.VCT vinyl floor painted in Endura SFC Epoxy paint in dark colors due to the application calling for a single application.mid/end Badminton courts are in white with the main volley ball in pumpkin and side volley ball court in Chrysler blue.

Drawings diagrams volley ball-badminton court dimensions

Volley ball court diagram dimensions lables volley ball game court dimensions two american twelveinch sanders and a gym floor rider three phase electricity

AHF-All hardwood floor ltd  Volley ball courts and badminton courts are a staple, they are found everywhere in gymnasiums in BC. Above are some Volley ball and badminton game lines diagrams with dimensions.

Volley ball Milestones

  1. 1895 William G Morgan Invents the game of Volley ball.
  2. 1847 FIVB the Federation international Volley Ball.
  3. 1980 First Gold Medal won by Canadian team internationally women's team Calgary NORCECA junior Women's.
  4. 1999 New rules to the game of Volley ball.

awana diagram AWANA is a Christian game developed as a way of reaching out to children who don't make it to a church on Sundays. Has risen to worldwide popularity since the 1940's. An exciting game integrating  rewards and the word of the lord. AWANA is an organization. Acronym: Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

labyrinth-maze-imageLabyrinth maze floor art once painted on your floors surface you can begin your spiritual journey by exploring the single path thought to enhance psychological and spiritual transformation and enhance right brain activity. Labyrinths may be left or right handed determined by the first turn in the labyrinth.

floor shuffle boardFloor Shuffle board is one of those games requested by utility gymnasiums recreation centers. Shuffle Board is making a huge come back as high density housing produces more private and shared recreation facilities

Badminton or pickle ball court at ladner delta rec centrePickle ballgame court and a badminton court share the outside court lines, This parquet gymnasium is the Delta recreation centre Ladner south Delta, who looked me up after trying to refinish the gymnasium floor by using the part time staff at least there is an interesting story to tell..... Because i am passionate about my work I find myself often jump in to help others who have tried to take on the tremendous task of sanding or refinishing hardwood floors the themselves.

Moisture cured urethane is the more highly specialized floor coating application where all the floor coating parameters are specific, this solvent based product is not compatible with the polyurethane or the water borne floor finishes.

Waterborne finish does not have a water borne paint for the gym floor refinishing to be non toxic like other types of hardwood applications. The paint that is most preferred by Bona sport poly and Bona super sport users is Bona game paint a type of urethane paint. I use The locally made Canadian urethane alkyd enamels (anything but Benjamin Moores ). Others will use the Poloplaz Supreme or Magnum.  Poloplaz make there own urethane paint to go with there Magnum Low Voc polyurethane gym floor finish and Supreme 2 component water borne. So the point is. the paint is some variations of a urethane alkyd enamel that is used for water borne floor coatings like Basic Coatings Street Shoe or a urethane finish coating