Screen and recoat wooden flooring Services - Vancouver, BC.  

Screen and Recoating Wooden Floors Vancouver with Ken Moersch the Authentic Glitsa™ Gold Seal Swedish Varnish floor re finisher, basketball gym floor painter graphics, logo emblems and more. Artisan Master Craftsmen with 35 years of Local Vancouver and long distance BC Floor resurfacing experience. The wood floor screen and recoat a type of hardwood floor refreshing of the surface finish aKa a type of refinishing or resurfacing.

Screen and Recoating

Glitsa gold seal bacca red sealer green and varnish top coat stainsRefreshing the surface is only possible if you know the history of your wood floors maintenance. soaps oils waxes pam cooking spray and rain-x will cause all kinds of finishing reactions or bonding problems. If you feel comfortable with this concept of adding an additional layer to your wood floors surface for protection and you have a record in some fashion or another AHF can lightly sand the surface coating and do and exceptional cleaning and recoat your hardwood with the original or compatible floor coating productsGlitsa swedish varnisand water borne polyurethane coatings .

What's your Coat?

Basic Coatings street shoe is an authentic product of consostent qualityAHF works with All the different coatings water borne, polyurethane, conversion varnishes, moisture cured urethane, Danish oils Dutch Woca Rubio mono coat Osmo, Watco penetrating oil