Gymnasium hardwood floor repairs

maple and beach tongue and groove wood flooring replacements, mortise and tendon repairs, floor mount hardware repairs, .Broken boards replacements, beautiful gymnasium hardwood floor repairs.

Broken Boards

Replacement of the broken board accomplished by mortising out a wear layer and replacing when possible

Board replacement mortise out wear layer and reset badminton pole socket

the great part about this type of board repair is that the fit can be very precise, without and surface sanding allowing for a prefinished repair.

Broken Sockets

Broken floor sockets issues can very and usually run deep as the anchors are sometime 10 inches long.

coquitlam gymnasium broken floor mount socket repair floor plate resetting

this type of router and template repair requires a whole different set of tools and knowledge. AHF has jigs and templates of all kinds

bent floor plates

reset mortise and replacement brass floor mount plates for pole and net hardware. Local source for metal/brass wares


one of the biggest drawbacks in sanding a gymnasium floor is the brass floor plates. Often the area around the plates is proud & should be removed before sanding reset.

surface touch up

local paint and finish touchups for when the scissor lift and dragging the poles chews off your paint or finish.

Epoxy paint can be easily touched up and locally recoated with moisture cured urethane, polyurethane or commercial 2 component water borne finishes