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AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd.

AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd. Resurfacing Based In Coquitlam BC. "Home of the Swedish Hardwood Floor Finisher". Serving the entire Greater Vancouver Area. Specializing in all Applications Methods & Species of Hardwood Flooring and Stairs: Installation & Laying, Fine quality on Site Dustless Dust free Hardwood Floor Sanding and closely related floor services: refinishing resurfacing repair, renewal or restoration. Large Area wood Floor Refinishing, Gymnasium Floor refinishing a specialty. Game court Markings and game line painting.

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AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd Hardwood Flooring Contractor professional Resurfacing services Established April Of 2004's Incorporation Date. Fully Licensed and Insured, Reputable Dedicated Hardwood Flooring expert of 35 years documented professional experience. Versatile master craftsmen BC certified floor layer able to engage a broad range of hardwood flooring or stairs applications. Offering High quality Workmanship and wood flooring materials. All wood species and types T&G or Square edge wood floorings. Moersch Family owned and operated

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Our Vision -Pro Wood Floor Contractor

AHF All Hardwood floor ltd. Truck logo professional hardwood floor installation and refinishing Vancouver BCWhat once upon a time used to be the floor wood industry standard is now very rare and hard to find here in Vancouver, BC.  Here You can find a qualified Master Craftsman Floor technician who will do the work for you!  AHF - Allhardwoodfloor Ltd. Started off with a business plan of maintaining high quality hardwood floor industry standards, Most important the execution of the deficiencies free work completed on the time frame outlined. All Hardwood floor offering these highly specialized hardwood applications services for our residential and gym floor resurfacing refinishing customers throughout the Vancouver BC lower mainland and area: Gymnasium hardwood floor refinishing, Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish Varnish finishing, Custom Hardwood Installation and Laying, Custom Hardwood stairs, install stair sets, Dustless dust free hardwood floor refinishing, Floor sander sanding.... the floor plan is working...

Our Mission Statement

AHF All hardwood floor's Mission is to simply offer sales and service of the more rare higher quality floor installation and refinishing backed up by personalized friendly customer services. Keeping alive our clients confidence. Clear clean communications without the stress of a high pressure sale. Let me make some recommendations and help you get the most value from your next purchase of a new hardwood floor or stairs. You'll find All hardwood floor ltd very serious about getting those Gold Seal paint shop quality results in your next flooring project.

Our Projects

Glitsa Gold Seal Sweish Finish system hardwood floor coating used exclusively by AHF Allhardwood floor ltd 33 yeras of experience with its use Coquitlam BCAHF All hardwood floor ltd our projects truly do end up with our brand on them .The hardwood flooring and stairs that all hardwood floor ltd produces is distinctly different from the average refinishing or installation  this is very apparent, examples can be found in most of all hardwood floor's flooring Photographs images jpegs png. The custom hardwood flooring laying & stairs installation is of even greater definition as now you can see the 33 years of master craftsmanship without question... Our projects are distinctly different as the finished product starts off with an amazing uniform gleam with that OEM out of the box new look smell and feel..---the finish is the prize!!!. "Gold Seal A Real luxury Finish".

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AHF All Hardwood Floors is Versatile! I know the pitch is all the beauty and glamour wow wow and amazing of the high quality floor fashions, But what about just the average middle of the road houses and apartments? When all the specialty wood flooring services is really not what i came here for? All Hardwood floors program works well for everybody as we will automatically only recommend for you what is allowable by first the law then morally! For example If you live in a common hallways arrangement of the high density dwellings as many of us do living downtown Vancouver. We will not Use our Glitsa Gold Seal Conversion Varnish that product maintains that we have control over the airflow so that cancels that idea. We will recommend Glitsa MAX water borne for this instance. Street Shoe by Basic Coatings is another great offering in the more opaque murky plastic finishes. An Oil Based polyurethane coating is by far the easiest thing to use however there are some detrimental aspects to this as along term solution maintaining an average life of just around ten years. The Most important Issue is that when you refinish your floors is you put back the finish! Because there are so many kinds of coatings for floors( solvent based paint categories)VS (5 water borne categories) Their in lies the problem! When all the specialty hardwood flooring services is not what your looking for, AHF All hardwood floors also offers Low VOC finishes and  environmentally friendly wood floor coating. Dustless Dust free hardwood floor sanding only! if you were inclined to do your own floor finishing and save big time. We are also interested in Installing solid hard wood floor or engineered hardwood flooring materials that you may have purchased from another source, Floating, nailed down, glued down STC rated. If you don't see what your looking for call us anyway 604 603 7317


  • All Hardwood floors Installed a great top nailed strip oak floor for us in our basement

    We Choose the old style top nailed strip to match the old hardwood floors in the rest of the house. They were certainly the right floor guys for the job- the finished floor is spectacular. Ken is a real Craftsman. He pays a lot of attention to the details. like the nailing patterns and the boards selection. We gave them the keys and went out of town for a few days to let them work. When we returned the floor was finished. They started  when the said they would and completed the finish on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone . It is a shame to cover the floors with furniture. I only wish that I had Ken add some border features detailing around the edges, To match the other old top nailed wood floors upstairs. We will call them back when we are ready to refinish the rest of the house..

    -- Dave Plant.....East Vancouver, BC
  • From ugly and abused to wow wow and amazing...At our first home we had a bad experience getting our hardwood floor refinished (with another hardwood floor company), So this time I know a bit more going into it....All I can say is Wow, too bad I didn't know of Ken the last time. He is passionate about floors. He is on time, respectful, And I am amazed at how well the floors turned out. I wish I had pictures of before because the floors were so ugly, scratched water and pet stained. Carpet taped, paint, gaps and now you would never know. I would have never guessed that the bedroom floors would have turned out so nice - Just like Ken said when he came out to quote the job, ''he said their would be great color variations and the finish would really bring it all out. Bottom Line is WOW....  Great JOB. Definitely use Ken Again...

    -- Frankandsan....Vancouver, BC
  • My neighbor had Ken refinish some floors in his home and i liked the quality of the work that he had done. A year later I had Ken come in and refinish the whole main floor in my home. I left ken in charge while my family and I vacationed in Victoria for a couple of weeks. Returning home my wife and I were exceptionally pleased. The house was locked up and in one piece, But we were even more surprised by the beauty of our freshly refinished oak hardwood floors. Kens quality of work and eye for detail was astonishing. We never thought that the wood flooring could look as beautiful as they did. I will have All hardwood floors look after all my flooring in the future. Thank you for being so informative and the care you gave our home.

    -- Chuck Woodrough....Vancouver, BC
  • wow WOW wow -Ken Brought life back into our hardwood floors and the results are fantastic beyond our expectations. He is a craftsman, experienced, Knowledgeable, A perfectionist with an eye to detail Which all show up in the final result. Ken is reliable, he is there when he says he is going to be there, which is critical  when doing a multi trade renovation project. He is hardworking and his hours are dictated not by the clock but rather by the completion of the job. He is client oriented and friendly. I found him to be extremely trustworthy which is very important since during the refinishing process with the Glitsa Swedish products it is necessary to vacate the premises for several days and leave your home in his capable hands. A true professional who I would highly recommend .

    -- Leila Rylandsholm....Coquitlam, BC

AHF's Hardwood floor laying Qualifications and Certifications

BC Provincial Floor Layer Apprenticeship (hardwood)

ken moersch's 1986 hardwood floor appreticeship certicifate vancouver bc Hardwood Floor Layer Apprenticeship, signed on & first day worked May 28 1979 here in Vancouver BC. It took six years to receive this hardwood floor layer Apprenticeship.

BC Provincial Ticket Qualification Certification

Hardwood floor layer BC certification BC provicial TicketHardwood Floor Layer Qualification Received after ten Years of membership and service in Union Hardwood flooring Companies Vancouver, BC

ITA Certificate of Recognition All Hardwood Floor Ltd

training authority BC CANADA  mentorship AHF-All hardwood floor Ltd participates in higher stadards BC laborCommitted to finding and training future hardwood floor layer craftsmen of BC's skilled labor workforce. The Beauty of wooded flooring or stairs!

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