AHF Quality Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation and Resurfacing Services Vancouver BC 604 603 7317

Authentic Traditional Real Site Sanded Wood Swedish Hardwood Floor Master Craftsmen of 35 Years of Experience in All Applications of Floor Laying and Installation. Specialty hardwood floors services such as  Dust free floor sanding or Glitsa™ Gold Seal Swedish finish the wood floor refinishing VARNISH. Gymnasium  Maple - Beach hard wood floors sanding refinishing. Gym floor basketball/volley/badminton game court markings and painting. Resurfacing large floor areas such as floor repairs or restoration of Recreation Centre floors , dance studios or private hall. Theatres, Churches, Studios, Stages, Commercial or Institutional projects welcome !

Highest Hardwood Floor Standards, Quality wood floor materials in the hands of the right professional means great value and lasting beauty, Making it easy to enjoy your investment on your residence, place of business or leisure.

From the installation of a set of stairs in Tsawwassen to sanding down and refinishing a high school gymnasium floor near say North Vancouver - AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd has the expertise you need... ..All types hardwood floor Services to the whole entire lower mainland of Vancouver and in some cases Province British Columbia 604-603-7317 All work preformed by Artist Craftsman Certified Recognized by the Province British Columbia. All wood floor imagery on this website manifested by one set of hands, Vancouverite Ken Moersch

Glitsa Swedish Finish

 My Specialty experience sanding and refinishing wooden floors in Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish Varnish finish, Since 1979(my introduction to the floor industry)Glitsa was then, is now, and always will be the product of choice.... Here is the original tough & beautiful Gold Seal Swedish finish from Glitsa American. Just so happens to be my favorite floor finish coating as this is actually the best value not only for durability but the ability to hide the scratching as it wears over the many years. This is the most amazing most beautiful wood floor finish coating remaining available today used by only a few small numbers of elite hardwood craftsmen of greater Vancouver BC. Dont be fooled by the terms there are a few different varnish products produced in the Vancouver floor scene

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Stairs case / Floors

Canadian Custom Hand Made Hardwood Stairs sets -All Applications of hardwood flooring installations and floor laying. From simple subtle beautiful to the absolutely amazing, "Ken Moersch a 35 year experienced Master craftsmen of local Vancouver B.C. area offering personalized service start through completion". Insight- Some of the best Hardwood floor and wood stairs materials include milling for grain patterns such as rift and quartered(edge and vertical grain) of a White Oak or Red Oak tree. Other trees produce different growth patterns  Eastern Hard Maple a spiral growth produces straight, curly, flame Birdseye and other types of grain patterns. Glued down vertical and edge grain white oak rift and quarter sawn are by far the most popular hardwood floor installed in the Vancouver area

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Gym Floor Services

Specialty Floors Refinishing, Gymnasium Maple/Beach hardwood floor refinishing services: Large area floor sanding & resurfacing. urethane/epoxy game paint restoration. epoxy game court painting, Game court markings such as FIBA basket ball courts, NBA style basket ball courts, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey, handball, pickle ball, Banner lettering, Logos, Graphics. Team emblems. Four solvent based Paint categories of gym floor coatings. End user of AHF super duty Moisture Cured Urethane and Magnum solvent based Polyurethane Gymnasium Hardwood floor coating products, AHF All Hardwood Floor ltd. is available for Gymnasium floor repair resurfacing service throughout British Columbia and Vancouver Island the Pacific Northwestern Canada based in Vancouver, BC.

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What's Hot? Dark Stained! Colored Hardwood Floor!

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  • I Will always remember that i worked for other people steadily for twenty years before going out on my own leaving jordans contract sales never to look back. my hard hat reminds me of all the misgivings of these experiences but i mostly remember the experience as favorableKen Moersch is professional who takes his job very seriously Finishing the job in timeframe outlined  without any deficiencies. We Asked Ken from Allhardwoodfloor Ltd. to come have a look at our 1950s built Port Moody home Ken Recommended Glitsa™ Infinisty2 Low VOC Water borne with 4 coats for us. Seems to be quite good technology without the smell. Great for us as we wanted to rent out this house  to a young family, Ken Advised me we will need regular recoats when working with water borne acrylic wooden floor finishes

    -- DR. Allan....Port Moody, BC
  • Kens Floors AHF All hardwood floor ltd Professional hardwood floor layer sander finisher from British Columbia

    Ken Moersch was simply amazing and completed everything he said he would do. We needed the upper level of our homes hardwood floor refinished and the entry way stairs, stair treads replaced. with new oak treads , We Choose the Glitsa Gold Seal Product because it was known to last . Another thing to consider when hiring someone to work in the home is who will be doing the work? With AHF you actually get to meet Ken who later returns to execute the entire operation, know that Ken will be doing the work. Some one who is actually skilled in the job. Ken Was very considerate and responsive to our calls.

    -- Donna Dirksen....North Vancouver BC
  • Ken moersch circle 33 years of experience on red oak quarter sawn feature turn around You Know what Ken, I really like Your Style. I did a lot of research before you recommended to me a new quality solid site finished Maple stairs and a living room glued down floor. We then Choose a stain color of ebony cordovan and white  very very dark, just the way i wanted it! I absolutely love the ultra violet cast of the fresh matte gold seal finish varnish coating, Ken Has really good attitude and finished the job strong, on the time frame he proposed from the beginning.


    -- Brandie J White....Port Coquitlam, BC
  • the hardwood floor sanding tools of ken moersch all hardwood floor ltdWhen you are looking for great service and quality workmanship in North Vancouver we recommend call Ken, he and his sons worked very hard sanding the old maple flooring back down to the bare wood floor and they came back many times until the finish was just right. Thank You AHF floors Ken, Eddy, Jake You did A fantastic job on refinishing the old maple floors studio. There is nothing like having an old hardwood floor brought back to life the quality of the workmanship was definitely as advertised as Unparalleled and I found this be be a true statement, All of the how two's were clearly explained about how to keep the floor clean after he was completed. I witness the whole process including the youngest son working a huge floor sanding machine while the older son trowelled the filler on the floor into the cracks. As i said if your looking for amazing you found it here.

    -- TJ....North Vancouver, BC
  • all hardwood floor ltd business card hardwood floor testimonials on the index page for the floor refinishing reviews of custom glued down hardwood flooring application red oak quarter accra "Ken Moersch was very meticulous and competent and has created this very attractive modern elegant but technically difficult site finished feature floor and stairs with Glitsa Swedish finish" | "The Best Place on Earth" west side Vancouver BC.

    AHF all hardwood floor supplied and installed 1700 Sqft of plywood glued to cement radiant heat slab, then proceeded to install Accra quarter sawn red oak complete with 1/2'' walnut feature strip even on radius walls 30 stairs complete with box inlays and two landings. Ken worked 7 weeks 12 hours a day and Did an amazing job completing the floor work on a schedule pretty much to the day he said he would. We found Ken to be very responsive to our requests and made himself available when the railing man drilled holes in the wrong places and had to remove and replace some of the newly originally installed hardwood stairs case. Highly recommend Ken  Moersch of AHF all hardwood floor of Coquitlam BC.

    Drina Sinclair....Vancouver, BC
  •  the original art work from my original hardwood floor website all hardwood floor ltd Coquitlam now 33 years of experience 2014 True honest hard working man | Rebecca Young ---Vancouver When we had our maple floors installed thirteen years ago, we  used the standard polyurethane refinishing service and found a year later our light maple hardwood floors had gone all one color of yellow. I talked to Ken about this problem back then 12 -13 years and he persuaded me to at least get the use out of them before refinishing them . I decided to let them go as far as I could I called Ken back to get them professionally refinished with his dustless dust free sanding kit and a Glitsa Varnish finish. I have to say There is no comparison to the old polyurethane, the re sanded floors are light and the entire texture of this varnish is more wash and wear resistant with a more subtle softer look. During the twelve years somewhere in there I decided to talk to several other wood floor repair and refinishing contractors and found out that so  many of them already knew Ken Moersch and recognized him to be one of the best wood floor master craftsmen in the industry when it came to issues of consistently and reliably producing quality wood refinishing with his own handsThank You Ken, for the beautiful floor work and it was a pleasure doing business with you! hope this will help you and keep doing what you're doing,  keep up the hard work 


    ---Rebecca Young....Vancouver, BC
  • AHF-Allhardwoodfloor ltd trade mark hardwood flooring products services served up on locations in British Columbia made in CanadaFrom ugly and abused to WOW | Frankensan in Vancouver. At our first home, we had a bad experience with getting our floors refinished (with another company), so this time I knew a bit more going into it... All I can say is WOW, too bad I didn't know of Ken the last time. He is passionate about floors. He is on time, respectful, and I am amazed at how well the floors have turned out. I wish I had pictures of before because the floors were so ugly - scratched, water and pet stained, carpet tape, paint, gaps... and now, you'd never know. I never would have guessed that the bedrooms would have turned out so nice - just like Ken said when he came over for the quote... He said that there would be some great variation in colour, that the finish would really bring it out. Bottom line is WOW. Great job... I'd use him again.

    -- FranknSandra.... Vancouver, BC
  • Glitsa gold seal swedish finishes available from AHF- hardwood floor ltdLeila Rylandsholm in the Westwood plateau Coquitlam Wow WOW WOW ---- Ken brought life back to our floors and results are fantastic beyond our expectations. He is a craftsman, experienced, knowledgeable, a perfectionist with an eye to detail ~ which all show up in the final result. Ken is reliable - he is there when he says he is going to be there, he makes himself available when you need him which is critical when doing a multi trade renovation project, he is hard working and his hours are dictated not by the clock but rather by the completion of the job, he is client oriented and friendly. I found him to be extremely trustworthy which is very important since during the refinishing with the Swedish Glitsa products it is necessary to vacate the premises for several days and leave your home in his capable hands. A true professional who I would highly recommend.

    -- Leila R....Coquitlam, BC
  • AHF-All Hardwood Floor Ltd   care of Ken Moersch Coquitlam, BC 3232 Mayne Crescent V3E1E1 tele 504 603 7317the hardwood floor sanding tools of ken moersch all hardwood floor ltdWe needed the upper main floor of our 60's home refinished and stair treads replaced. Our floors are red oak and original, so we wanted to preserve the flooring. I interviewed several companies before settling with AHF. One thing to consider is that for all other companies, I wasn't sure who would be doing the actual work. With AHF you actually get to meet Ken who does the refinishing, so you know that you are going to get someone that is actually skilled in the job. Ken was very considerate, responsive to our calls, and left the place tidy and clean each day. Everything sealed so there were no issues of dust. He definitely knows his trade and has been in the flooring business for his entire career. The quality of our floors look great, right up to the edges. The only thing I was a bit surprised at was the nails are very visible now that we have a clear coat, but hopefully the will disappear over time like the last finish that was on there. The best part is our stair treads, which look amazing. We chose to go with the Glitza product because it is known to last. So in summary, Ken did a great job, was trustworthy, and knows hardwood floors inside and out.

    -- ED....North Coquitlam, BC
  • the hardwood floor sanding tools of ken moersch all hardwood floor ltdOak top nailed strip floor laying--Dave Plant in northeast Vancouver, All Hard wood floors installed a great 500sq top nailed oak floor in our basement. We chose the old style top nailed floor to match the old hardwood floors in the rest of the house. They were certainly the right guys for the job -the finished floor is spectacular. Ken is a real craftsman. He pays a lot of attention to the details, like the nail patterns and the board selection. We gave them the house keys and went out of town for a couple of days to let them work. When we came back, the floor was finished. They started when they said they would and finished on time. I would highly recommend them. It is a shame to cover the floor with furniture. I only wish that I had got them to add some border detailing around the edge, to match the other old top nailed floors in the house. We will call them back when the rest of the houses floors need refinishing. Dave Plant


    -- Dave Plant....Vancouver, BC
  • AHF-All Hardwood Floor Business Card image-specializing in all hardwood floor applications, installation, dustless dust free hardwood floor sanding-fine quality stairs-installations, Glitsa gold seal Swedish Varnish finish-gym floors -game court markings basketball court painting-Vancouver 604 603 7317If I had Ken come to redo my living room hardwood and install a new kitchen hallway and bedrooms in solid white oak floor at my Ranch in 2010. The work took almost two weeks from the time the old wooded kitchen floor was torn out and new wood was put down and sanded. I wanted, choose to use an oil penetrating finish so i could keep up the buffer polishing on my own. Ken insisted that he already charged me for a finish , so i just took his advice and let me tell now that its 2019 My oak floors still look great, For that you shall be remembered! When i had the floors installed i thought they were expensive that perspective has revolved to, "all thing considered what an outstanding deal". ...great service and quality floor craftsmanship and a lot of really hard pounding work we recommend call Ken at Allhardwoodfloor..

    -- Adriana Belmont....Pemberton, BC
  • Ken's detail surpassed my expectations. | Chuck,  Port Coquitlamthe Glitsa brush a very unique brush for fast loading of heavier volume floor coatings like varnish and mole asses hardwood floor sanding tools of ken moersch all hardwood floor ltd Vancouver BC 604 603 7317

    My neighbor had Ken refinish some floors in his home and I liked the quality of work that he had done. A year later I had Ken come in and refinish the main floor in my home. I left Ken in charge while my family and i vacationed in Calgary for two weeks. Returning home my wife and I were exceptionally pleased the house was locked up and in one piece but we were even more surprised with the beauty of our floors. Ken's quality of work and eye for detail was astonishing. We never thought the floors could nor would look as beautiful as they did. I will have All Hard Wood Floors take care of all my flooring in the future. Thank you Ken for being so informative and the care you gave our home. Chuck


    -- Chuck....Port Coquitlam, BC

Mobile Service Area

AHF-All Hardwood Floor Ltd. Offering Mobile Hardwood Resurfacing Flooring services to all Greater Vancouver Municipalities!  Finish Specialties Glitsa  Refinishing and old wooden floor in Port Coquitlam, Repairing an old wooden set of stairs in North Vancouver, Floor sanding wood floor near Crescent Beach. Tsawwassen, Richmond, Langley, Surrey, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Whistler, Port Coquitlam, Pemberton, Burnaby, North Burnaby, White Rock, Cloverdale, New Westminster, East Vancouver, South Vancouver, North Vancouver British Columbia


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Are you shopping for a top industry professional hardwood floor layer or refinisher near Vancouver BC?

Are you interested in our specialty Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish Finish coating a conversion varnish product? Finish that will look great as it wears over the years and last a lifetime?

AHF-All Hardwood Floor Ltd. offers free in home Estimations and Commercial Institutional Consultation services area Vancouver BC. VCT vinyl or wooden Gymnasium Floor refinishing painting or floor staining a specialty

Brief summary of AHF All hardwood floor Ltd. Professional Repair refinishing restoration services Specialties wood hardwood floor sanding resurfacing installation repair refinishing dust less sanding, Gymnasium Gym floor repair refinishing, gym floor sanding, basketball court sanding re painting, game court marking painter contractor BC Artisan Ken Moersch Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Note from Ken Moersch AHF all hardwood floor ltdAll types and styles hardwood flooring resurfacing repair installation services as the name might suggest.  Established in 2003 AHF hardwood floor Ltd.  Continues to exceed customer expectations with high quality fine wood floor craftsmanship and amazing subtle beautiful wooden floor surface results! Welcome to the gold standard hardwood floor craftsmanship

AHF All Hardwood floor Ltd. incorporated April 20 2004 floor resurfacing and installation Is a fully licensed and insured recognized professional wood flooring master craftsmen contractor, Residential services to hard wood flooring and stairs as reliable home improvement contractor of 35 years of experience who is dedicated and passionate about getting you those paint shop quality results in and around - Urban Vancouver and Rural BC

The Gymnasium floor scope and field range of service offered extend the whole province of British Columbia plus Vancouver Island... Gymnasium floor sanding, gym floor repair and refinishing, Game court marking painting, Gym floor surface coating or finishes, Gym floor artwork, Logos, Banners, emblems, The Rich Beauty of real wooden floors, Professional hardwood flooring n stairs specialist Ken Moersch master craftsman floor layer +35 years' experience in all applications of hardwood floor stairs installation and laying. wooden floor repairs, Dust less floor sanding and refinishing. Glitsa gold seal Swedish varnish. Game court markings painting, gymnasium floor sanding and refinishing, making Ken one of the most talented and versatile wooden floor sander refinishers craftsman in the entire Vancouver BC hardwood floor scene.

AHF All hardwood floor resurfacing Complete with Quality, exceptional value and diligent punctual wood hardwood floors repair restoration services is the best form of advertising we can do. Give me a chance to work my refinisher painter sander magic for your on your next new hardwood flooring and stairs installation or refinishing or gym floor project.

Note from Ken Moersch AHF all hardwood floor ltd Fine quality , often unique, always distinctive Hardwood flooring by AHF- Hardwood Floor's is exceptional in beauty and quality. A specialist  resanding refinishing repainting gymnasium basketball courts to laying an engineered floating hardwood floors that you supplied. Ken Moersch has the experience to get the job done efficiently weather a nail down oak hardwood floors, tongue and groove, wood floor installation, top nailed strip plank or parquet, Glued down floors, radiant heated hardwood, exotic wood species, custom floor staining, or Glitsa gold seal Swedish varnish finished hardwood floors are my specialties designed for subtle beauty to last a life time.

AHF All hardwood floor ltd works with offers, all types of wooden floor coatings. All low V.O.C. environment friendly floor finishes, Green environmentally friendly, Low odor , no smell floor finishes. Did you know that some great hardwood floor contactors swear by two coats of Dura Seal penetrating oil stain for wooden flooring. Similar ideas are, Rubio Mono coat, Osmo, Watco oil. Tung oil. Tree wax or water borne Low VOC wooden floor finish coatings. Once you have done your floor finish research, You will see the comparison for yourself. Call 604 945-3664 ask for Ken Moersch

Hardwood species typically Installed or repaired used in and around metro Vancouver, BC are American Black Walnut, American Cherry, Ash, Alder, Bamboo, Cork, White Oak, Red Oak, Beech, Cypress, Doussie, Teak, Hickory, Wenge, Maceranduba, Paraju, Brazilian Cherry(jatoba), Indonesian Cherry(Merbau),Purple heart. Elder, Fir, Pine, Pacific Maple, Eastern hard rock Maple, Silver Maple, Birch, Bamboo, Rosewood, Elm, Larch, Jarrah, Santos Mahogany, Yew - Call for quality custom hardwood floor installation. Service orders such as wide plank , parquet or strip in vertical and edge grain, end grain parquets. Rift and Quartersawn White oak or Eastern and Pacific Maples, Vancouver Island Fir flooring. Exotic wood floors such as Teak, Jarrah Soft woods species cedar, Pear.

Work our magic on your floor or stairs all hardwood floor ltd AHF Hardwood floor sanding repair refinishing. Allow Craftsman Ken Moersch to work our magic on your hardwood floor, Rated over A+ for the last fifteen years AHF All Hardwood floor Limited is recognized by every hardwood floor standards association and floor biz business bureaus for extremely high quality finished on site wooden floor woodworks, Seriously tending to our customers expectations, concerns and questions.

Complete dust free wood floor sanding inside your home is at least 99 percent possible. Hardwood floor supply and installation or repair and on location floor sanding refinishing services of any type or species of wooden flooring materials under any of the well time tested known installation methods, the installed unfinished wood flooring will be sanded with high quality Clarke American wooden floor sanding machines and dustless hardwood floor finishing sanders to a high polished smooth surface, burnished to a fine finish with a subtle conversion varnish gold seal Swedish finish that will last you for decades while retaining the beauty of the hard or soft wood floor.

Authentic original Varnished wood floors feature. Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish finished hardwood floors are designed for subtle beauty to last a life time. AHF only uses the best State of the art Hardwood floor coatings from Environment friendly low VOC floor finishes to the extremely toxic magnum Gymnasium strength industrial commercial floor coatings or solvent based polyurethane floor finish.

A flooring contractor Serving the Vancouver BC lower mainland from sea coast to sky north, south, east, west Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Delta, Langley, Cloverdale Port Coquitlam, Port Moody Maple Ridge, White Rock, Tsawwassen. Journeying the province British Columbia Canada for Wood Hardwood  or VCT vinyl Gymnasium and large area Gym floor resurfacing. New Game court marking + Basketball gym court painting or repainting game lines Recreation Centers, Halls, Theatres, Churches,

AHF's Ken Moersch Hardwood floor laying Qualifications and Certifications

BC Provincial Floor Layer Apprenticeship (hardwood)

ken moersch's 1986 hardwood floor appreticeship certicifate vancouver bc Hardwood Floor Layer Apprenticeship, signed on & first day worked May 28 1979 here in Vancouver BC. It took six years to receive this hardwood floor layer Apprenticeship.

BC Provincial Ticket Qualification Certification

Hardwood floor layer BC certification BC provicial TicketHardwood Floor Layer Qualification received after ten Years of membership and service in Union Hardwood flooring contractor services companies greater Vancouver, BC

ITA Certificate of Recognition All Hardwood Floor Ltd

training authority BC CANADA  mentorship AHF-All hardwood floor Ltd participates in higher stadards BC laborCommitted to finding and training future hardwood floor layer craftsmen of BC's skilled labor workforce. The beauty of wood flooring stairs and Gymnasium hardwood floors Vancouver!